An Animated Course is an introduction and exploration of traditional cel frame, stop motion and claymation animation. Drawing and sketching skills are recommended. Fundamentals of cartooning, character development and storyboarding will be explored and experienced. Photographic and claymation animation techniques are also topics for this course. Students will use Macintosh computers utilizing Adobe Photoshop and Apple iMovie to prepare movies to upload to YouTube.

The class will be watching a documentary movie about animator Chuck Jones and his long career animating Loony Tunes characters for Warner Brothers. Chuck will impart vital animation tips and secrets. Yes, we will watch some classic cartoons in addition to viewing the summer’s best animation offering at the local theater.

Students should be confident in drawing and/or interested in making their drawings and characters come to life.

Course Objectives

  • Learn fundamental animation vocabulary
  • Learn fundamental animation processes
  • Learn fundamental video editing/processing
  • Learn fundamental drawing skills
  • Learn introductory animation history

Developed Skills

  • Drawing
  • Computer Software (Photoshop, iStop Motion, iMovie, Garage Band)

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