Cutting up

The stories have been written, the characters and backgrounds have been designed and cut out of paper. Today we begin shooting the 1 minute cut paper animation (at least for this morning). We go to see Incredibles 2 this afternoon.


Today: Cut paper animated story

Using stop-motion photography, the students will develop a story (write it down), storyboard the story (draw it out in six frames), develop the set(s) and characters (draw them/it out), produce the set(s) and characters (cut them out of colored paper) and finally begin shooting a 1 minute animation (720 frames). It is a process.  This should occupy us for the next couple of days. The Stop Motion app has upped our stop motion photography animation game. We have discovered many great features to the app – like onion skinning (where you can see the previous photo on screen as a dimmed back image behind what the camera is currently seeing). This feature really smooths out the action.

Inanimate Object Stop-motion

Everyone brought in 3 inanimate objects yesterday.  One of these objects was selected for the student to animate. Then, they had to come up with a “story” for this object and story board out the action. This is a 30 second animation at 24 frames per second on “twos”. This means there will be 360 photos shot and assembled into the final animation.

Still drawing.

We are working on our first “real” animated story today and tomorrow, using cel frame animation. Using a walk, run, jump, a punch in the face and making a gag, the students are brainstorming ideas, writing a brief story, storyboarding the action and then animating their story.